what a year

What a year. Many things got worse, but not all. I am reeling from it all, trying to regain equilibrium. What happened?

  • the birth of my son
  • death of my spouse’s mother
  • stopped taking piano lessons
  • water damage to home
  • 1 financial surprise
  • 1 successful renovation
  • 1 vasectomy
  • some unemployment, some interviews
  • many contracts completed
  • 1 book published
  • another tiny book also published
  • I started this blog
  • G.A.S. continued apace but was offset by some sales
  • 300-400 books purged
  • I circuit-bent nothing
  • wrote little
  • lots of domestic strife
  • compulsive book-reading drawing down to an end
  • lots of social awkwardness
  • too much time online
  • my other blog went the way of the buffalo
  • stopped exercising

And so on. What’s another year? 2020.